• Dozen Fight Club

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    Your access to Dozen Fight Club – A growing library of Training Camp Workouts that allow you to train like a fighter and push you to your limits. Camps are broken into five workouts each week. Work through each of the workouts sequentially through the weekdays or feel free to work at your own pac...

  • Dozen Fight Club: Boxing Mini-Camp

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    A three month program focused on boxing, strength, and conditioning. Your chance to train like some of your favorite fighters. You'll have your teammates in your corner, cheering you on, and pushing you to your limits. Let's get after it, team!

  • Dozen Fight Club: Mini-Camp 2

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    Continue the Fight For You! This second three month block builds on the work you put in during the Boxing Mini Camp and sprinkles in new workouts based on the training of your favorite mixed martial artists. As always, you’ll have your teammates in your corner, cheering you on and pushing you to ...